Symphony of Angels

Five Allegria Rock Chicks jumped in feet first and took up the challenge to join a vocal ensemble for The Angels final performance of their national tour, Symphony of Angels, at Her Majesty’s Theatre on 30 June.

Rehearsals were held over Google Meet with the choir director Alison Rogers, who was based in Brisbane.

We had two weeks to learn the score and rose to the challenge.

Here’s the set list:

  1.   I Never Want to See Your Face Again
  2.   I Wanna Be With You
  3.   My Light Will Shine
  4.   Mr Damage
  5.   Fashion and Fame
  6.   Blue Blood
  7.   Marseilles
  8.   Would You Do It Again

It was THE most amazing experience, AWESOME!! To be on stage with a such a renowned rock group, supported by a vocal ensemble of almost 40 voices and a symphony orchestra was a night to remember. The Angels were joined by Rob John, director and arranger of the score for the orchestra and vocal ensemble.